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Maria Haraldsdatter

Kvinne - 1066

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  • Navn Maria Haraldsdatter 
    Kjønn Kvinne 
    Død 25 Sep 1066  Orkney Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet 
    Person ID 10745  Min slekt
    Sist endret 6 Sep 2009 

    Far Harald III Sigurdsson Hardråde of Norway,   f. 1015, Ringerike, Buskerud, Norge Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet,   d. 25 Sep 1016, Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire, England Finn alle personer med hendelser på dette stedet  (Alder 1 år) 
    Mor Yelisaveta Yaroslavsdatter of Kiev,   f. Ca 1032,   d. Ett 1066  (Alder ~ 35 år) 
    Gift Ca 1045 
    Famile ID 10742  Gruppeskjema  |  Familiediagram

  • Notater 
    • From Snorri Sturluson, Saga of Harald Hardrade:33. MARRIAGES AND CHILDREN OF HARALD HARDRADE."The winter after King Magnus the Good died, King Harald took Thora, daughter of Thorberg Arnason, and they had two sons; the oldest called Magnus, and the other Olaf. King Harald and Queen Ellisif had two daughters; the one Maria, the other Ingegerd. ..."86. BATTLE AT SCARBOROUGH."When King Harald was clear for sea, and the wind became favourable, he sailed out into the ocean; and he himself landed in Shetland, but a part of his fleet in the Orkney Islands. King Harald stopped but a short time in Shetland before sailing to Orkney, from whence he took with him a great armed force, and the earls Paul and Erlend, the sons of Earl Thorfin; but he left behind him here the Queen Ellisif, and her daughters Maria and Ingegerd. ..."90. OF KING HARALD'S LANDING."On Monday, when King Harald Sigurdson had taken breakfast, he ordered the trumpets to sound for going on shore. The army accordingly got ready, and he divided the men into the parties who should go, and who should stay behind. In every division he allowed two men to land, and one to remain behind. Earl Toste and his retinue prepared to land with King Harald; and, for watching the ships, remained behind the king's son Olaf; the earls of Orkney, Paul and Erlend; and also Eystein Orre, a son of Thorberg Arnason, who was the most able and best beloved by the king of all the lendermen, and to whom the king had promised his daughter Maria. ..."102. OF OLAF HARALDSON'S EXPEDITION TO NORWAY."Olaf, the son of King Harald Sigurdson, sailed with his fleet from England from Hrafnseyr, and came in autumn to the Orkney Isles, where the event had happened that Maria, a daughter of Harald Sigurdson, died a sudden death the very day and hour her father, King Harald, fell. Olaf remained there all winter; but the summer after he proceeded east to Norway, where he was proclaimed king along with his brother Magnus. Queen Ellisif came from the West, along with her stepson Olaf and her daughter Ingegerd. ..."


      1 Snorri Sturluson (c. 1179 - 1241), (About 1225), Saga of Harald Hardrade.